The Day An Angel Met Another Angel

The Day An Angel Met Another Angel

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Most days in the rescue world are hard! We try and save so many wonderful souls and we only have room for some. We plea for the help of big hearted people to open up their homes and foster a wonderful dog to buy them some time to find a forever home. Some days we have no luck and those are the hardest ones. But then there are those days when you find an angel to take

a dog that needs it the most. Those are the people we hope for everyday.


Herby is a very sweet dog that needed a foster home on very hot day in June. We plead for him and had no luck. The next day we shared his picture once again, crossing our fingers that a wonderful foster would step up and open the doors to their heart and home to him. Our prayers were heard and a wonderful foster stepped up to be Herby’s hero! Herby is now in a foster home. Megan has given him a second chance at life and would like to share their journey together. You can read more about Megan and Herby at


  1. I loved this and I LOVED reading Megan’s blog!! I’m sure Herby is very grateful <3

  2. Wow! I love this story.. Telma, you saved a precious life and I appreciate you. Herby is so cute <3

  3. Great story. I hope both angels are happy today. Adopting a pet is always a wonderful idea.

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