Fostering a Shelter Dog

Fostering a Shelter Dog

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So you are doing your daily Facebook scroll and a sweet doggie face from one of our foster pleas catches your eye. You want to help so bad, you but aren’t sure what fostering is all about? Let’s begin by saying that fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. Sure, fostering does involve some work on your part, but isn’t saving a life worth a little work?


You see, many dogs that come from the shelter are not trained, which is probably why they ended up there in the first place. But let’s face it, many people are just plain lazy. Many dogs with just a little work and patience learn manners pretty quickly. Don’t let the thought of an untrained dog discourage you though, because many dogs that end up at the shelter are also owner surrenders that have been potty trained, obedience trained and have been a part of a family for many years only to be discarded like yesterday’s trash for reasons such as a baby is on the way, they are moving to a city where there are no dogs allowed or have jobs that are 24 hours a day. Ok, ok, I know life happens and many times a pet just isn’t in the cards for us, but surrendering to a shelter to be killed shouldn’t be an option. Especially when there are sooo many rescues, fosters, and animal loving Facebook groups available to help. But really that’s a whole other beast we can talk about later.

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The truth is, there are all kinds of dogs that end up at the shelter and all they really need is a little extra time so we can find them a home. They need one committed person to say, “Yes, I will be that dog’s hero! I will save their life, offer the little guy a warm place to stay, yummy food to eat and a little discipline to learn what living a loved and balanced life is all about. I will do a good deed today and commit to this furry friend until that forever family is found!”


San Antonio R.O.C.K.S. provides all medical for dogs that are pulled from the shelter or picked up as strays by our organization. You, as their foster provide a home, food, and lots of love. Once they are in a foster home we begin marketing them for adoption. We encourage fosters to attend our adoption events so the foster dog gets great exposure, multiplying their chances of getting adopted. However, attending events certainly isn’t a requirement and we do market all our dogs online! We have a tight knit community of fosters and volunteers that offer help every step of the way. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to foster today. Trust me, a doggie will be forever grateful for the chance at a new life and a family will forever be thankful to you for taking in their next family member.

If you would like foster for San Antonio R.O.C.K.S. fill out the foster application HERE.



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  1. I love your article, I can see that you really love animals and you are doing something special! Keep up the good work!

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